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B-009228, Bailey and Mathew with Resin Ornaments Fall 1999 set, Boyds 9228, 1999, height of plush 8-inches, with box for resin 125.00 125.00
B-469541, Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Stocking, Boyds, 1990-97, 13 inches tall, Boyds Collection, sock with hanging loop, 100 percent cotton, acrylic trim, new 18.00 18.00
B-025700, Edmund ... Deck the Halls, Boyds 25700, 6E, 1996, 4 inches tall, ornament, new, in box 20.00 20.00
B-003003, Santa... December 26, Boyds 3003, 2E, 1995, 4 inches tall, Santa and Friends, bottom text - At Christmas play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year. - T. Tusser, new, in-the-box 81.00 81.00
B-002239, Bessie the Santa cow, Boyds 2239, 8E, 1996, 3 inches tall, bottom text - Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Chris-moo-s!, Only cow in bearstone collection, new, in-the-box 45.00 45.00
B-562314, Arinna Goodnight, Boyds 56231-04,1997, 5 1/2 inches tall, posable, Investment Collectables, The Archive Collection, Plush Bear with poly stuffing, new 12.00 12.00
B-094577, Honey B. Elfberg with Gabriella..Believe, Boyds 94577POG, Exclusive Issue, 1998, 3 1/2 inches tall, bottom text - The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen. -Frank Lloyd Wright, new, in-the-box 48.00 48.00
B-002237, Cookie the Santa cat, Boyds 2237, 6E, 1994, 2 1/2 inches tall, bottom text - Love and Joy come to you..., new, in-the-box 50.00 50.00
B-000008, The Boyds Collection Ltd. Spring 2001 Plush Catalog, 96 pages including covers plus 8-page foldout, slight wear, excellent condition 15.00 15.00
B-003508, Emily with Kathleen and Otis... the future, Boyds 3508, 5E, 1996, bottom text - The most precious possessions that ever comes to a man in this world is a womans heart. - Holland, new, in-the-box 50.00 50.00
BB002265, Grenville the storyteller, Boyds 2265, Feb, 1995, 4 inches tall, bottom text - We all are travellers in the wilderness of the world, and the best that we can hope to find in our travels is an honest friend. - Robert Lewis Stevenson, new, in-the-box 200.00 200.00
BB393007, Grenvilles Outdoor Decore... Sprucin Up, Boyds 393007, 2E, 2001, 2 1/5 inches tall, Waterballs, bottom text - Tis the Season...Dont short circuit!, new, in-the-box 25.00 25.00
B-590140, Martha T. Bunnycombe, Boyds 590140-03,1998, the bunny is 15 1/2 inches tall, posable, Limited Edition Series, Golden Brown Mohair fur bunny with poly stuffing, new, in-the-box 64.00 64.00
B-025708, Bailey home sweet home, Boyds 25708, 2E, 1998, 4 inches tall, Ornament, new, in-the-box 22.00 22.00
B-912610, Rutherford, Boyds 912610, 1998, height 16-inches, Poly stuffing 120.00 120.00
B-025704, Rocky score, score, score, Boyds 25704, 1E, 1998, 4 inches tall, Ornament, new, in-the-box 26.00 26.00
B-917300, Felicity S. Elfberg, Boyds 917300,1997, 5 1/2 inches tall, Investment Collectables, The Archive Collection, Chenille with poly stuffing, new 20.00 20.00
B-590050, Carter M. Bearington, Boyds 590050-08,1998, the bear is 10 inches tall, posable, Limited Edition Series, Golden Mohair fur bear with poly stuffing, new, in-the-box 65.00 65.00
B-003522, Laura with Jane...first day of school, Boyds 3522, 1E, 1997, 5 1/2 inches tall, bottom text - The first and greatest commandment is: Dont let them scare you. - Elmer Davis, new, in-the-box 42.00 42.00
B-590070, Reagan V. Bearington, Boyds 590070-05,1997, the bear is 8 inches tall, posable, Limited Edition Series, Dark Brown Mohair fur bear with poly stuffing, new, in-the-box 49.00 49.00
B-002771, Elgin and Elliot the Elves toasty warm, Boyds 2771, 1E, 1996, 4 inches tall votive, bottom text - There is no place more delightful than ones own fireplace, new, in-the-box 56.00 56.00
B-000003, Three Boyds Rubber Stamp Kits, Wilson...Love Sonnets BBKIT07, Baileys Birthday BBKIT01, Baileys Hearts Desire BBKIT03; each kit includes 4 rubber stamps, ink pad (pre-2000), 4 colored pencils, 3 blank tags and cards, and instructions; UPTOWN; new, in-box 40.00 40.00
B-027721, M. Harrison the ambush at birch tree, Boyds 27721, 1E, 1997, 4 inches tall, votive, bottom text - Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious., new, in-the-box 28.00 28.00
BA-25709, Regina D. Ferrisdaval I AM the queen, Boyds 25709, 1E, 1998, 4 inches tall, Ornament, new, in-the-box 29.00 29.00
B-911950, Lisa T. Bearringer, Boyds 911950, issued in 1998, height 16-inches, Poly stuffing 110.00 110.00
B-900204, Meredith K. Pattington w/ Benjamin, Boyds 900204,1999, the bear is 14 inches tall and small bear is 6 inches tall, both pieces posable, Limited Edition Uptown Bear Series, Brown Mohair fur bears with poly stuffing, comes with stand, new, in-the-box 133.00 133.00

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