Sunset Valley Orchids

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SVO7621 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. Dagny 'Fantastica') 20.00 20.00
SVO7646 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Dentigrianum 'SVO Upgrade'x Ctsm. tigrinum 'SVO') 18.00 18.00
SVO7651 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Extravaganza 'Super Nice' x Ctsm. Dentigrianum 'Best') 18.00 18.00
SVO7711 - 3inch Mo. NEW HYBRID (Cl. Rebecca Northen 'Grapefruit Pink' x Morm. Mimi 'Wide Segements') 18.00 18.00
SVO7593 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Louise Clarke 'Wonder Woman' x Ctsm. tenebrosum 'Ed Wise No.2' AM/AOS) 18.00 18.00
SVO6748 - 4inch Pot. New Hybrid (Pot. Mem. Jim Nickou 'James' HCC/AOS x Blc. Guess What 'SVO' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO7620 - 3inch Clo. NEW HYBRID (Cl. russelliana 'David N.' x Ctsm. tigrinum 'SVO') 20.00 20.00
SVO7630 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. fimbriatum 'Golden Horizon' x Ctsm. osculatum 'SVO') 18.00 18.00
SVO6846 - 4inch Lc. NEW HYBRID (Lc. Issy 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Lc. Summerland Girl 'Orchidglade') 26.00 26.00
SVO6701 - 4inch Pot. Little Circle (Pot. Golden Circle 'OPRL' x Pot. Little Toshie 'Gold Country' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO7592 - 3inch Ctsm. Sweet Adaline (Ctsm. Louise Clarke 'Wonder Woman' x Ctsm. Dagny 'Fantastica') 18.00 18.00
SVO7649 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Susan Fuchs 'Burgundy Chips' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. Karen Armstrong 'Super Nice') 18.00 18.00
SVO6964 - 4inch Pot. NEW HYBRID (Pot. Star Fire 'Rubens' x Pot. Rubescent Fire 'Fire Bomb') 24.00 24.00
SVO6736 - 4inch Pot. New Hybrid (Pot. Martha Clarke 'Orange Tart' x Lc. Spring Fires 'Lenette No.3') 24.00 24.00
SVO7693 - 3inch Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. Enter Light 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'JTM') 22.00 22.00
SVO7624 - 3inch Ctsm. Ryan Harrington (Ctsm. tenebrosum 'Ed Wise' AM/AOS x Ctsm. denticulatum 'Orange Lip') 18.00 18.00
SVO7723 - 3inch Clo. White Magic (Cl. warczewitzii 'SVO' x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches' AM/AOS) 18.00 18.00
SVO7645 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Susan Fuchs 'Burgundy Chips' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. Dentigrianum 'Best') 20.00 20.00
SVO6935 - 4inch Blc. NEW HYBRID (Blc. Tropical Upgrade 'SVO' x Blc. Guess What 'SVO' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO6261 - 4inch Pot. New Hybrid (Pot. Martha Clarke 'Amazing'x Pot. Burana Love 'SVO' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO7728 - 3inch Ctsm. saccatum (Ctsm. saccatum 'Brooklyn Botanic Garden' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. saccatum 'Dark Wonder') 20.00 20.00
SVO6936 - 4inch Blc. NEW HYBRID(Blc. Guess What 'SVO' AM/AOS x C. Chocolate Drop 'SVO' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO6741 - 4inch Pot. Love Passion (Pot. William Farrell 'Native Son'x Lc. Trick or Treat 'Orange Beauty' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO6947 - 4inch Blc. Tropical Upgrade (Lc. Tropical Sunset 'Oceans Heaven' x Blc. Guess What 'SVO' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO7710 - 3inch Clo. NEW HYBRID (Clo. Abigail Parsons 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Ctsm. spitzii 'SVO Solid Gold' FCC/AOS) 18.00 18.00
SVO7730 - 3inch Mo. NEW HYBRID (Cl. Grace Dunn 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Morm. Copper Tiger) 18.00 18.00
SVO7648 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Double Down 'XDPYL' x Ctsm. tigrinum 'SVO') 18.00 18.00
M003 - 3inch Clo. NEW HYBRID (Clo. Sandy Kasner 'Gramma Susan Price' AM/AOS x Ctsm. Jamie Lawson XOXO) 18.00 18.00
SVO7280 - 3inch Ctsm. lucis (Ctsm. lucis 'SVO' x Ctsm. lucis 'Dana's Bird of Paradise' AM/AOS) 25.00 25.00
SVO6952 - 4inch Pot. NEW HYBRID (Slc. Aloha Jewel 'Tangerine' x Blc. Guess What 'SVO' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO7714 - 3inch Den. NEW HYBRID (Den. Ruben Colmenares 'Sunset Colors' x Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC) 20.00 20.00
SVO7655 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Millie's Frilly Dragon 'Chocolate Frills' x Ctsm. Hat Trick 'Top Hat' AM/AOS) 18.00 18.00
SVO6902 - 4inch Slc. NEW HYBRID (Slc. Katherine Clarkson 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Slc. Sun Spots 'SVO Best') 24.00 24.00
SVO6323 - 4inch Pot. New Hybrid (Blc. Love Sound 'Dogashima' AM/AOS x Pot. Final Touch 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO6010 - 4inch Den. (Tosca x Rutherford Starburst) 'Red Wine' x Den. Royal Vista 'No.3' 30.00 30.00
SVO6707 - 4inch Pot. New Hybrid (Pot. California Queen 'Red Angel' SM/JOGA x Pot. Golden Circle 'OPRL') 24.00 24.00
SVO6750 - 4inch Pot. New Hybrid (Pot. Dream Circle 'Lone Jack' AM/AOS x Pot. California Queen 'Red Angel' SM/JOGA) 24.00 24.00
SVO7626 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. tenebrosum 'Ed Wise' AM/AOS x Ctsm. callosum 'SVO Black Lip' AM/AOS) 20.00 20.00
SVO7694 - 3inch Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. Turning Point 'San Clemente' x Ctsm. expansum 'SVO Midori' AM/AOS) 25.00 25.00
SVO6415 - 4inch Pot. New Hybrid (Pot. Laughing Magic 'Sun Splash' x Blc. Laughing Boy 'SVO Flame' AM/AOS) 24.00 24.00
SVO7725 - 3inch Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. tigrinum 'SVO' x Ctsm. kleberianum 'SVO') 20.00 20.00
SVO7686 - 3inch Cyc. NEW HYBRID (Cyc. Mass Confusion 'SVO' x Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO') 18.00 18.00

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